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    Our mission is to support the most talented and innovative entrepreneurs on their journey to create disruptive companies.


    ZhenFund is a seed fund founded by former entrepreneurs to invest in the most promising innovators. New Oriental co-founders Bob Xiaoping Xu and Victor Qiang Wang established ZhenFund in 2011 in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China. ZhenFund now has a network of over 600 portfolio companies, including over 10 unicorns based in China. ZhenFund is honored to have been ranked “#1 Early-Stage Investment Firm” by Zero2IPO five years in a row 2014-2018.

    We believe that great businesses start with exceptional founding teams. We are dedicated to helping our entrepreneurs build successful companies by providing them with mentorship and the best resources available. Some of our services include biannual demo days to top Chinese VCs, ZhenHR services, marketing and PR consulting, as well as fundraising. Our strong and large CEO network also facilitates entrepreneurs helping each other, especially via our wechat platform. We were voted “Best Portfolio Management Service of The Year”in 2016 and 2017 by China Renaissance.






    Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley


    ZhenFund ranked #1 in "Early-stage Investment Firms of the Year" by Zero2IPO Group for 5 consecutive years from 2014

    #11 in Midas

    Bob Xiaoping Xu ranked #11 in Forbes Midas List in 2019

    1 Billion

    The total size of the fund is around 1 billion dollars


    8 of portfolio companies IPOed including Jiayuan (NASDAQ: DATE), LightinTheBox (NYSE:LITB), Jumei(NYSE: JMEI), 51Talk (NYSE: COE),  NetPosa(300367), Xiaomi(01810), NIU(NASDAQ: NIU), and Tiger Brokers(NASDAQ: TIGR)

    10+ Unicorns

    10+ companies with valuation of more than 1 billion USD including Meicai, VIPKID, RED (Xiaohongshu), URWork, Yitu Technology, Hero Entertainment, Horizon Robotics, ZhaoGang, Luojisiwei, Momenta, Mia, Mobvoi, 17zuoye and so on

    600+ Portfolios

    Invested in more than 600 start-ups



    Showed below are part of ZhenFund's portfolios.
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